The first task we had to do was a summary on the story “The Gold Cadillac” by Mildred Taylor . Instead of writing it, I did a voice recording on voocaroo. This is my work: https://voca.ro/gFsCObGJ63D 

Another task we worked on is British festivities. We worked in groups to search up different British celebrations, based on that work we had to individually write about an argentine celebration. I wrote about El Dia de la Tradición: https://docs.google.com/document/d/18lpDTQ6-QLKFIj4gB552i5Fw7K7KkYIb6RguZI0nsVE/edit

The Not-So-Vague Plague

for our language class we had to write a poem that spread a positive message about the quarantine. Here is my poem:

I ask you to keep away if you wheeze,

And cover your mouth if you sneeze. 

Bathe yourself in gel,

And get way from this hell

Since you cannot self medicate,

Why don’t you try and meditate? 

Put your worries on the shelf,

And get to know yourself 

Oh! Do stay hidden in shelter,

So we can finally put an end to this helter skelter