The first task we had to do was a summary on the story “The Gold Cadillac” by Mildred Taylor . Instead of writing it, I did a voice recording on voocaroo. This is my work: https://voca.ro/gFsCObGJ63D 

Another task we worked on is British festivities. We worked in groups to search up different British celebrations, based on that work we had to individually write about an argentine celebration. I wrote about El Dia de la Tradición: https://docs.google.com/document/d/18lpDTQ6-QLKFIj4gB552i5Fw7K7KkYIb6RguZI0nsVE/edit


In our writing skills class the teacher told us to make sentences using the connectors from the following list:

  1. Trees are home to many animals and insects, and besides that it provides us with oxygen.
  2. I like ice cream in the same way that I like salads.
  3. I love hanging out with friends, nevertheless, there are times in which I only want to be by myself.
  4. A new season for my favorite series comes out in a few months, in the meantime I’m going to start a new series.
  5. Trees are a very important fuel to live on earth, therefore we need to take care of them and not cut them down.
  6. in other words, acrimony is to do something in a rough or bitter way.
  7. That person isn’t very nice, for example, yesterday she insulted me behind my back.
  8. My house is opposite the bakery