The Start of the Cold War: Looking back on my work

On history this semester we learnt about the Cold War. We did various activities to give us a better understanding on what happened before the Cold War, why the Cold War began and who was involved. Three activities that, in my opinion, helped us the most to understand this concepts are the following:

  1. Multiple Intelligences: In this group work we had to build a presentation with different works on the beginnings of the Cold War. We used different intelligences such as music intelligence, writing and geographic. This was definitely my favourite project since its a very creative, fun and effective way to learn. By using our imagination and research to get to know a new subject we manage to remember what we learned in that process much better.
  2. Mock question and essay writing: with the same groups that we worked with on the multiple intelligences we answered two mock questions and an essay. This activity was very effective because it let us see what we knew and gave us a chance to show that via the mock questions. In my opinion essays are the best ways to test this knowledge and also organise it for the future. Even though the multiple intelligences activity was very helpful in my learning, this activity rounded up what I had learned, which is always very helpful.
  3. Test: tests are always effective in analysing and reflecting on what we know and need to learn more about. This test was a google form with a 30 minute limit. I found this extremely helpful since it prepares us for whats to come, as well as testing what we know. This firsts test made me asses and re-evaluate what maybe I thought I knew but actually need to look into a bit more.

Even though essay writings are my favourite part of history, I believe I could have done better on the individual essay we did on the 15th of may. Though I cant help but feel a bit of disappointment in my poor work, it has made me see that if I rush or don’t organise my ideas well, the result won’t be good. I took too long to organise what I wanted to use for the essay, which made me rush and therefore make the essay rather weak. But thanks to this, I now know what it is that I need to improve for next time!

If I had to give myself and evaluation I think I’d give myself an 8 or so. This is based on the fact that I have been present in every class and have participated appropriately in both group and individual work. I have given in the material in the due time and do believe that I have been able to answer what was asked very well. Of course, there is a lot of space for improvement, but I think I can pat myself on the back for the work that I’ve done this semester.

To sum up, this semester has been a very interesting and new experience. It has had it’s ups and downs, but in the end I can say I’m happy with what we have all learnt and done. For the remaining part of the term I would like to improve my knowledge on what we are learning by studying more and getting better prepared for evaluations. I also hope to improve my essay writing and not get to jumpy or rush when it comes to tests or such. And finally, I hope that when I look back at this evaluation I can say that I’ve improved and managed to reach my goals 馃檪

my virtual learning experience

Some weeks have gone by since this completely new experience started. At first it was hard to get used to, and I felt a bit overwhelmed. Time has passed and I feel that I am getting the hang of it. I have learned to organise myself and look at the positive side of this whole situation, which even though it can be challenging at times, seems to help a lot. Im not going to deny that it is a bit hard, but given the whole situation I believe that all we can do is sit tight and hope for the best. If there is something that I have learned up to now, apart from organisation skills and looking at the positive side, is that there are a lot of things we take for granted on our day to day basis, such as a normal school life, face to face interaction, and much more. I think that when this whole situation passes we’ll all have more of a blissful outlook towards daily life.


The first task we had to do was a summary on the story “The Gold Cadillac” by Mildred Taylor . Instead of writing it, I did a voice recording on voocaroo. This is my work: 

Another task we worked on is British festivities. We worked in groups to search up different British celebrations, based on that work we had to individually write about an argentine celebration. I wrote about El Dia de la Tradici贸n:

The Not-So-Vague Plague

for our language class we had to write a poem that spread a positive message about the quarantine. Here is my poem:

I ask you to keep away if you wheeze,

And cover your mouth if you sneeze. 

Bathe yourself in gel,

And get way from this hell

Since you cannot self medicate,

Why don’t you try and meditate? 

Put your worries on the shelf,

And get to know yourself 

Oh! Do stay hidden in shelter,

So we can finally put an end to this helter skelter