my virtual learning experience

Some weeks have gone by since this completely new experience started. At first it was hard to get used to, and I felt a bit overwhelmed. Time has passed and I feel that I am getting the hang of it. I have learned to organise myself and look at the positive side of this whole situation, which even though it can be challenging at times, seems to help a lot. Im not going to deny that it is a bit hard, but given the whole situation I believe that all we can do is sit tight and hope for the best. If there is something that I have learned up to now, apart from organisation skills and looking at the positive side, is that there are a lot of things we take for granted on our day to day basis, such as a normal school life, face to face interaction, and much more. I think that when this whole situation passes we’ll all have more of a blissful outlook towards daily life.

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