Project: starvation

In our language class we answered questions about the boy who harnessed the wind, I worked with Lucas Vorbeck

What did you feel when you watched it?

I felt sad that such awful things are happening in the world, I was also very impressed that with so little someone was able to build something so wonderful.

What did you learn about it?

I learned that with just enough creativity, hard work and determination you can achieve anything you want.

What thoughts came to your mind after learning about William´s story?

More than anything else, I thought that the story was ver inspiring.

What message did the story leave you?

The message that the story left is that nothing should stop you from achieving what you want, and that helping other always brings great things.

The Respiratory System

In our Biology class we got into groups to work on a specific organ system. I’m working with Emilia Varela, Mora Malenchini and Serena Braun on the Respiratory System.

Session 1:

What is a system?

A system is a set of things which work together as a part of a mechanism.


  • Lungs: intake air from the atmosphere, providing oxygen to the body and exhale carbon dioxide.
  • Nose/nasal cavity: main external opening we usually breath through.
  • Mouth: might be use as a supplement of the nasal cavity
  • Larynx: contains the vocal folds. Air passes through it as well
  • Pharynx: connects the nasal cavity with the larynx.
  • Trachea: enables the entry of fresh air extends from the larynx and branches in two primary bronchi.
  • Bronchi and bronchioles: conduct air to the lungs
  • Muscles (diaphragm, intercostal muscles, abdominal muscles, muscle in the neck and collar area): help the lungs exhale and inhale by contracting and relaxing.

Catalase experiment

In our biology class we are studying the reactions of catalase with different organisms. Today we used fruit juice and liver.


        Orange juice                                         



There was no chemical reaction

The reaction was that bubbles were created. The test tube measured 15cm and the bubble were 8cm. We had to break up the liver  with a morter in order to be able to get a chemical reaction from the catalase.


There was no chemical reaction

The reaction is caused because hydrogen peroxide is broken down to water and oxygen causing a chemical reactions with the raw materials. No chemical reaction takes place when the material is cooked because the enzymes changed shape irreversible, causing it not to be able to achieve the job it used to be able to do.

The Boy Who Harnessed The Wind

In our Language class we watched the movie “The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind”. Our teacher asked us to answer some questions of the film.

Heres the link to the document with the questions and answers: 

click here.


In our writing skills class the teacher told us to make sentences using the connectors from the following list:

  1. Trees are home to many animals and insects, and besides that it provides us with oxygen.
  2. I like ice cream in the same way that I like salads.
  3. I love hanging out with friends, nevertheless, there are times in which I only want to be by myself.
  4. A new season for my favorite series comes out in a few months, in the meantime I’m going to start a new series.
  5. Trees are a very important fuel to live on earth, therefore we need to take care of them and not cut them down.
  6. in other words, acrimony is to do something in a rough or bitter way.
  7. That person isn’t very nice, for example, yesterday she insulted me behind my back.
  8. My house is opposite the bakery