Joey’s acceptance speech

In our English class we had to write a speech as if Joey had written it while getting a Medal of Honor for his actions at the 1st world war. I worked with Felicitas De Simone and Juana Navarro.

Im extremely honoured to be receiving such a  prestigious award, there are many people that have helped me to get me to where I am now…which is that im alive. But throughout this journey, this terrible journey that has taught me about survival, death, moving on, but most of all it has taught me about friendship. As much as I am honoured to be winning this, I feel that there are many people who should also be getting awards, everyone who has left their home, family and friends to fight for their countries, and not only the winning side, but every side. Each person who in pain faught, always thinking of the good of their loved ones should get an award. My first captain, Captain Nichols, my friend who went along side me, guiding me and teaching me everyday something new, my riders, my Emily and all the fallen at war deserve not only an award but their life. Because of all the people mentioned I am privileged enough to be where I am today, and to all my dear friends that aren’t with me today I thank, and take memories of them with me everywhere I go. I would also like to thank so so very much to Albert, my friend, my owner, my teacher, my Albert, who taught everything and was the reason that I kept on going and didn’t give up during the terrible war. The idea of reuniting with my Albert is the absolute reason that I am getting this award.

Part of me feels that this, this beautiful prize is not just mine. It belongs to all of them that I just named. No one falls and gets up alone, none can fight without motivation, without something or someone that helps them to continue. That help, that motivation, that weapon that helped me win this fight … was them, they are my winners.They gave me this strength and love to continue, if they didn’t, this prize would not be mine. I appreciate this award, but I would like to share it with all my winners. Thank you.

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