Previously on Romeo and Juliet…

In our last literature class our teacher told us to make a paragraph in which we explained what happened in the first Act. I worked with Emilia Varela.

At the beginning of the play, Tybalt and Benvolio got into a fight and Prince Escales threatened to sentence whoever fought again to death. Besides, Romeo was depressed because Rosaline didn’t love him. Then, Romeo found out Rosaline was going to Capulet’s party and decides to go to win her heart. Meanwhile, Paris and Capulet discuss when would Juliet marry him. Moreover, Juliet, her mother and the nurse had a talk about marriage where Juliet said she didn’t feel ready or wanted to marry Paris. At the dance, Romeo and Juliet met and instantly fell in love with each other. However, a moment after they kissed, they found out they belonged to enemies’ families, and found out they were in love with what they hated.

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