Darwin, Lamarck and Wallace

  1. Most birds don’t prey on the Hypolimnas because it looks like the Amauris, and birds have learned not to prey on that species because it has an unpleasant taste. Because of the similarities of these two butterflies birds can not tell the difference, and don’t prey on either.

  2. The wings of the Hypolimnas have colors that are very similar to the Amauris’s ones (a butterfly whose taste is very unpleasant for birds). As they can not identify which is which, Hypolimnas are not eaten by them.



  1. Lamarck would say that as the giraffes needed to eat the leaves of the trees, they needed to have a long neck to reach the leaves. That’s why he would explain that since the giraffes stretched their neck so much to reach their food, and it would grow, so when they would reproduce they new organisms would have a neck that would be getting longer and longer.

  2. Darwin would say that as giraffes couldn’t reach trees, thanks to adaptation, when reproducing, the new organisms would start having longer and longer necks than their ancestors to survive.



  1. Lamarck would explain this change by saying that the characteristic was acquired and that swordfish would grow their swords by, over their lifetime, stretching repetitively to make it longer.

  2. Darwin would say that the swordfish sword got longer because on a swordfish there was probably a mutation, making its sword longer, and that swordfish reproduced giving its offspring the genes that would make it also have a long sword. That swordfish would reproduce, having the same effect on its offspring, eventually the swordfish with a short sword would die out, and the swordfish with the long swords would survive.


  • We think that Darwin’s theory could be used, but to explain the opposite situation, that elephants come from mammoths. He would explain that as the conditions in which they lived started changing and getting hotter, all the fur mammoths had wouldn’t help as it did when it was cold, it would just make them feel hot. Also he would say that their canine teeth became smaller because they started killing less animals to eat them and being less aggressive. The ones who didn’t adapt died because of the “survival of the fittest” (Darwin’s theory).


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