Romeo and Juliet act 1 scene 4

  • He dreamed that going to the party was a bad idea
  • He’s afraid that the Capulets are going to catch them and he’s not sure what to say in that case
  • He has an unseats feeling in his stomach and he thinks that that indicates something bad is going to happen 
  • he doesn’t know how to get it


Dreams are the thoughts, emotions and the images shaped by them which are encountered when asleep.

Some people believe that dreams have a meaning to them. Dream psychologists say that dreams express hidden desires, they say that dreams modify your mental schema, in most dreams, you witness things happening through visual or auditory perception, the meaning of you dream would depend on what you link your dream images to.

According to dream psychology are closely related to the environment one is exposed to.

Every single one or our dreams have a meaning about our fears, hopes, emotions, future etc.

For example, if you dream of being kidnapped or taken it means you lost control of something in your life, that you feel manipulated by someone, or that you feel that your allowing your head to over-rule your heart.

If you dream about your teeth falling out, which is apparently a very common dream, represents you instinct of survival and challenges, it can also mean that’s there’s a waking life situation that’s eroding your confidence.

dreams can forshadow what’s going to happen, in Scene 4 Romeo is afraid that something bad is going to happe d, according to his dream.

For merculio dreams are just fantasy

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